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Police/Justice Reform & Community Defense Awareness

We encourage full participation in city, county and statewide elections where law enforcement officials are running. STRATEGICALLY VOTE. 

We encourage and will execute connecting and planning with established police reform community groups.

 We advocate: 

  • for gun ownership. 

  • for and will participate in self-defense programs and training.

  • for the demilitarization of all police departments. 

  • for reallocating city/county/state funding away from police and law enforcement agencies and into other government agencies that benefit the wellbeing of the people. 

  • for reformed police training with more focus on de-escalation.

  • for an unarmed crisis response unit. 

  • for mandatory investigations into all police related shootings and deaths We advocate for trial and jury reform at the municipal, county, state and federal level.

  • for heavy oversight of police unions.

Police/Justice Reform & Community Defense Awareness
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